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Product Description

  • This model is for you if you are looking for an amazing and fun workout to experience in the comfort of your own home or anywhere outdoors that it is safe to install.
  • 1 set of longer black ropes specially designed so you may easily do all your floor exercises and stretches.
  • Fabric is machine washable and is made of the highest quality parachute material that skydivers use. This swing can easily handle up to 450lbs ūüôā
  • The 3 different height handles are foam covered and fully adjustable for better comfort. Helping you do more and for longer periods of time thus increasing your strength faster and more efficiently.
  • The base color of this Sport Swing is Silver and then accented by these colors: Moulin Rouge – Happi Yellow – Sunset Orange – Royal Blue – Black Onyx – Hot Pink – Turquoise – Baby Blue – White Buddha
  • Comes in a pouch that you can easily take with you anywhere you like!
  • Price $185 + tax
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How to Install Your Silver Swing
Indoor Installation with Hooks 
  • Step 1 You will first have to gather these tools:
    • A safe ladder – stud finder – measuring tape – a drill – hammer – pry bar or pliers – long smooth finishing nail – pencil – 2 lag screw eye bolts 400lbs+ is recommended – a drill bit that is smaller than the threads of the lag bolt, and safety glasses.
    • NOTE: ¬†If you do not know what any of these tools are above or are not positive of your carpentry skills, please contact your local carpenter for help.
  • Step 2 Location setting: Set your ladder in a safe even location appropriate for installation. Best to install your swing to have at least 3 to 4 feet to move around.
    • NOTE: ¬†Ideal distance apart for the ropes is 32 to 34‚ÄĚ Most joist’s are 16‚ÄĚ-24‚ÄĚ ¬† apart.
  • Step 3 ¬† ¬†Using your stud finder locate a joist, mark it with a pencil then tap the finishing nail through the drywall and into the joist to ensure you are in the center of the supporting joist.
    • NOTE: You may need to do this a couple times to ensure you have found the center.
  • Step 4 ¬† ¬†¬†Drill a hole in the center of the joist for your lag screw eye bolt. Screw the eye bolt into the hole until the threads are buried all the way in. Do the same for another side. You may need to use a pry bar or pliers to finish twisting into the joist.
    • NOTE: Always make sure your swing is safely secured before using.

Outdoor Installations:

  • When using a branch you will want to inspect the branch and tree for any rot or deterioration from bugs and any broken branches lingering above. Always check to make sure your Silver Swing is secured properly before Inverting. Remember it is your responsibility for your safety, play safe ūüôā
“The Silver Swing adapt ‘s almost anywhere you want to ¬†Hangout!”

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